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        Dear customer, You have just been tattooed with hight quality equipment and nonallergic inks, but the healing process is just as important as the application. Following the recommendations will result in a perfect healed piece of artwork.The after care of your tattoo is a VITAL step in the healing process. Neglecting the proper after care of it is not only reckless but is also disrespectful. ALIGMA TATTOO & PIERCING tattoo shop offers a free touch-up if requested within the appropriate time period. An in person inspection of NEW tattoos needs to be done within one month of your appointment. If you are careless or fail to properly take care of your new tattoo, then all guarantees become void. If you feel you need a touch up, please come in to speak about scheduling. It will now be your responsibility to care for your new tattoo over the next two weeks. We offer a full range of BALM TATTOO aftercare products. You will get bandage over the fresh tattoo. This is the ONLY time your tattoo will be bandaged–NEVER re-bandage your tattoo. If you choose DERMALIZE PRO you will get full online instructions how to take care.

1. After 2 - 3 hours, remove the bandage carefully and clean the tattooed area using warm water and the previously acquired Antibacterial soap. Continue to do this twice a day–washing your hands thoroughly prior to touching your tattoo to avoid getting bacteria into the skin.

2. Pat the tattooed area dry with a CLEAN towel and let it air dry for no longer than three minutes.

3. Apply a VERY THIN layer of BALM TATTOO product three to five times a day for the next two weeks. REMEMBER: You will be actively taking care of your tattoo for two weeks; however, it will take up to a month for it to be completely healed. During this time do NOT itch or scratch your tattoo or scabs. Do NOT soak your tattoo in water such as: baths, swimming pools, the ocean, hot tubs, etc… (Showers are fine and encouraged!) Do NOT expose your tattoo to prolonged sun or UV rays. It is still possible to sustain sun burn/damage in overcast weather. After one month you should use SPF 50 on your tattoo to protect it from harmful UV rays, as this will help to prolong the life and vibrancy of your tattoo. You must wear loose clothing over your tattoo while it is healing. Depending on the placement of your tattoo, you may not be able to wear clothing such as bras or tight fitted undergarments due to the possibility of the elastic bands rubbing the tattoo. Additionally, wearing tight fitted clothing may trap sweat underneath the clothes, exposing your tattoo to excessive amounts of moisture which could potentially cause premature fading. If you have any other questions about the aftercare of your tattoo please do not hesitate to contact us.



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